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GOETZ: Austrian 1 Krone Pattern


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K-79 Austrian 1 Krone Pattern (Probe), 1914, Struck silver, 22.8mm, 2.70g, Choice UNC, RRR


This is the reverse only as I am having one helluva time getting a decent image of the obverse with the bust of Franz Joseph. I’ll keep trying but the fields are so reflective it’s causing me problems.


I also have a bronze example of this piece. I am going to assume, based on other patterns Goetz did, that there would be a gold example that was made too. These are really tough to come by and I am just now imaging the piece even though I’ve owned it since 2004. It was one of those pieces that got put where it belonged and then I couldn’t find it because I thought it should be somewhere else.


Note the text and date are hand engraved into the hub...I think the snake too.

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That's one stunning piece. How do you determine what's been hand engraved onto the hub?



Well, first of all, the two books about him state that he did a lot of hand engraving on his pattern piece hubs (so I cheated a little). But if you look closely at say, the "K" you can see the three cuts he made to form the letter...the two on the right first and the upright on the left last. Or the "E" where the three short segments on the right were done first and the upright last to tie all of it together. Another telling hint can be seen in all the alphanumerics but especially in the "9". I see evidence of what I call 'pulsing' which is the ever so slight variations in forward pressure applied to the graver. As you can see, they run perpendicular to the flow of the cut.


Goetz would also engrave text into his positive plaster models before making the casting moulds, or, into his negative plaster models if he wanted the text to be raised. Of course the latter technique would also require him to engrave in a mirror image for it to come out right. It gives me a headache just thinking about it.

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