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item for identification

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Macedonian Kingdom. Philip II. 359-336. Tetradrachm, 14.14g. Amphipolis, c. 315/4-295/4 BC. Obv: Laureate head of Zeus facing right. Border of dots. Rx: ΦΙΛΙΠ-ΠΟΥ Young male rider right, nude, holding upright palm branch. Beneath horse, Λ and torch. Beneath raised foreleg, tripod. Border of dots. Le Rider p. 125, pl. 47, 24. SNG ANS 798. Of exceptional style and quality. EF.



This looks similar, as do a couple of the others, but as far as I know, you do not find them with horse & rider on both sides of a coin. Still could be a barbarous copy, or it could be a modern fake, toy money etc. Wait for some more replies.

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