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What are your thoughts on this "coin"?


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This is the coin issued by the RCM in celebration of the 100th year of the Canadian Museum of Nature. If you rotate the coin, the image of the dinosaur changes to charge the viewer. Check out the cool video here: http://www.mint.ca/store/coin/50cent-lenti...2010-prod870001


Now, what do you think of those coin? Would you buy one? Do you think holograms, pictures, and these sorts of things still make it a coin?


Personally, I think this coin and other coins like it are just gimmicks. I like coins because they are works of art in a limited medium - a small, circle of metal that either has an intrinsic value or is meant to circulate for generations (Proof coins and conventional commemoratives are the exception and I can't defend why).

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You have got to be kidding me.


What's next? A coin commemorating the 10-minute bout of hiccups the Queen had back in June of 1987?


Did you get that '87 hiccup crown too? :ninja:



I'm not much into the 3d and colorized coins. But if that's what a person likes to collect, I say go for it.

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The RCM's gone way downhill since about 1998 when they started to venture into really oddball stuff.


A lot of dealers have given up and generally try only to stock the traditional (mint/proof set, mint/proof silver dollar) along with several oddball items for the sake of variety.

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If it was never intended to circulate, I have trouble thinking of it as a coin. Personally, I like a coin that at least had a chance to live, even if only in principle like recent Kennedy halves. Frankly, that Canadian half dollar looks like something the National Collectors Mint would've chunked out. A coin should be a piece of pocket sculpture, not a disk with a sticker on it.

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