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Albert Edward & Alexandra Wedding 1863.

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This is a curious item. It is a 32mm WM cast copy of BHM#2771 33mm (only in gold, silver, bronze) by L. C. WYON after designs by Messrs Hunt & Roskell one of Europe’s finest silversmiths, who supplied Queen Victoria and many members of Europe’s royal and aristocratic families and also exhibited at important international exhibitions including the ‘Crystal Palace’ exhibition of 1851, they manufactured medals too.


The medal has been suspended inside a ring of twisted wire, which itself had been dipped in molten metal as has the double suspension loop, so the medal hangs & swings freely. The two halves of the mould were slightly misaligned, so the edge of the medal is stepped slightly. So was it just an experiment by them, or an apprentices piece, or some opportunist's attempt to make a quick buck. I find it hard to believe that Messrs Hunt & Roskell had anything to do with the manufacturing of this for sale to the public. I have never seen another like it, so it might be a 'one of a kind' piece of jewellery.


In the enlarged pictures the casting is quite obvious, but if it was being worn as jewellery it would appear to be made of silver, as it reflects the light very well, plus the poor casting is not apparent.

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A nice piece, thank you for sharing. Alexandra must have been quite a lady having to be married to Edward the Philanderer.

Apparently she thought his many affairs & one night stands were just proof of his virility & took it in her stride. In fact, when Edward was on his death bed, she herself sent for his last mistress, Mrs Alice Keppel so they could say their last farewell. By all accounts she was, as you say, 'quite a lady' and not just because of her attitude to her husbands infidelity.

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