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Friedrick Wilhelm III, King of Prussia 1814.

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Obv. Uniformed bust of the King of Prussia, bare head, right. FRIED WILHELM KOENIG VON PRUSSEN (Friedrick Wilhelm, King of Prussia)

Rev. THE / LIBERTIES / OF EUROPE RESTD. / BY THE UNITED / EFFORTS OF ENGLAND / AND HER / AUGUST ALLIES / THE / PRELIMINARIES / OF PEACE SIGNED / MAY 30 / 1814 BHM #809 - 1814, Bronze(traces of gilt) 25mm by T. Kettle. Only listed in brass. Notice 'RESTD' it is a shortened form of 'RESTORED'. Also, it is actually Friedrick Wilhelm II who is depicted on the obverse, not Friedrick Wilhelm III see previous post http://www.coinpeople.com/index.php?showto...&hl=tangled

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