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mint freak wheat pennies

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I would like any info anyone could provide at to the following coins. They a four different 1950 wheat pennies. I have been led to believe they may have all come from the same mint run. Any in as to the type of mint errors they are and any possible values would be greatly appreciated.








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First 3 off center strikes. Fairly common error. Off centers can range from $3 to over $20. The third one then second one would probably be the highest prices. Slight off centers don't normally get that much of a premium. The last one a double strike. That would be tough to price. Minimum on completed sales at ebay for double strike $14 up to ? I saw one completed sale on ebay at $41 for a "saddle" double strike. That one was just barely showing on the edges. Yours is a lot better example. Another ngc graded ms64 did not sell at $135. Fred Weinberg has a double strike zinc lincoln for $135 on his site. Still I think yours would go over that.

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From the left it appears to me that the coins are: off center, broadstrike, off center, and saddle strike. Uncirculated wheat cent errors sell for quite a bit more than their memorial reverse cousins. Check out the websites of dealers that deal in these coins for a comparison. Some of the dealers are Fred Weinberg, Rich Errors, and Mike Byers.

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Just my opinion. The off centers, no. The broad struck, no. (Did too fast a look on that one. BlackHawk called it. :ninja: ) The saddle double, probably. The cost to get graded the others probably wouldn't off set any price gain. The double saddle I'm not sure what if any actual price gain it would get. But folks may be more comfortable bidding on it graded, just to make sure it isn't cleaned or something else that may be a problem.

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