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Foreign error notes


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If you have any foreign error notes, please post them here. (even very minor errors). I've always been interested in things like that.


Also, please post pictures of polymer errors if you find any. Polymer errors are especially rare because they are printed with very high-tech machinery, it's always cool to see when even the best printers mess up!! :ninja:


Here's my "butterfly cut" Columbian 5,000 Pesos.



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Neat error, McDoo :ninja:

I love the design and colors on that note, too ;)

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Two exceeding scarce ones that just popped out in my mind. :ninja:


One of the most recent ones of which I know is Japan's 2000 yen note (issued in 2000), as there was a massive horror with one of the printing plates, as some workers were slacking hard. Iinterestingly, the serial numbers were manually placed (YES, MANUALLY IN 2000) and error did happen. There are approximately 1,000 notes of such that were printed with such errors, but you will never know the exact figure. And this was only located in one region of Japan, so the distribution of these error notes are exceedingly scarce. A rumor is that some of them are going over 5,000USD because of the ultra scarcity of Japanese error banknotes.


Another one that I know is Singapore's 10 dollar was misprinted (printed approximately 10 years ago), as in, half of the details just went "woosh". Or more like, it didn't pass through all of the stages of the plate printing, so there are quite a lot of details that got left out. Those notes are exceedingly rare and easily go over 1,000USD.


Some of the banknotes in Australia here obviously had some problems when they first converted to polymer notes. The most common one was that some of them were printed way too fast, thick, and presumably didn't have enough time to dry, and hence you get those "washed up" effects of a polymer types. The most common ones are the 10 and 50 dollar bills, presumably because the blue dye color used probably needed more time to dry. Prices vary accordingly to how herrific the "error" effect is. ;)

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Here are some pictures (not mine) of euro notes with errors:




... a €50 note with a damaged printer code (instead of the blob there should be a digit)




... a €10 note with an odd holostrip (left edge is cut off, part of the strip to the right is visible)




... a €20 note with a double serial number



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hmmm, now how do we enter those  in EuroBillTracker?

Sh-sh-sh. That's where I "got" them from. :ninja:


Maybe I should have explained that the black spot at the end (€20 note) was added intentionally by the user who posted the note, so that the last two digits are not visible. The rest however is actually a mis- or rather double print. He entered the serial number that begins with an R; I suppose that the s/n was legible in the second place on the note.


As for the blob on the €50 note, the guy who found it wrote that he checked this with UV light and very bright light, but apparently there has never been a number. Maybe some grease on the paper. Don't think he entered that one, hehe.



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