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New Purchase - 5 Nicholas II Coins


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Background: I recently got in contact with a seller who was put in charge of selling these 5 coins from one of her relative's coin collections. Problem was, the seller had no interest in coins and had no interest in finding their true value. I sent her a random offer: $200 for all 5 coins. Surprisingly, she accepted. I just received them in the mail, and here are the pictures...






1896 Coronation Rouble (I think it has been polished in the past, because it's too white and too shiny in my hand. The edge has a nice patina, but the reverse and obverse lack the same color, which is a shame... think it still looks ok? I don't have one, and I don't think I have the money to afford one in this condition with a true patina on it, those are a little expensive...)






1913 Romanov Rouble (definitely been cleaned, and since I have one just like it with a nice patina, I'll just re-sell this one)






1912 50 Kopek (bad cut across Nicholas II's face, but I don't have this year so will hold on to it)






1896 25 Kopeck (polished and worn a bit, definitely re-selling)






1897 Rouble (badly cleaned, bad shape, will definitely re-sell it...)


All opinions are wlecomed ;) How do you think I did? I'm planning on reselling 3 of them to get some of my money back for the ones I don't like, but at the end I will keep the Coronation Rouble and the 1912 poltina and it would have been like I spent $50-70 on them :ninja:


Also, if anyone wants to buy any of the ones I'll be selling, PM me, if not they'll just go on ebay...

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I would keep the coronation only :ninja:

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I would keep the coronation only ;)


I think I will do that :ninja: I'm hoping that I can find a way for the coronation rouble to tone a bit, so that it's not as white and cleaned-looking. Any tips?


Also, since the coronation rouble is the only one I'll be keeping - any estimates on its worth? I'd like to know a rough one for my records, because all I could find on Heritage and ebay were values for aUNC and UNC specimens, and my Bitkin is from 2003....

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How can this be not a great deal? Even in cleaned condition with such detail, I say the Coronation ruble can easily sell for 250USD. If it doesn't, I'll be shocked. The Romanov ruble is easily 80+.


Nice buy!


Thanks! I got lucky, the seller didn't bother to check the real values of these coins before selling them.... I gave her 5 days to think about my $200 offer, plenty of time to verify values.

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Bargain, considering the Coronation rouble only sells for 300-400$ on eBay. The Romanov rouble is about 80-100$. The other coins are very common and in poor condition...




Thanks for the opinion! I decided that the Romanov 1913, 25 Kopek, and 1897 rouble will definitely go up on ebay in the next few days. The 1912 poltina I'll keep until I can get a better specimen, and the coronation is now the most valuable expensive coin in my collection. The ebay coins should do pretty well. ;)

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