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  1. 1. Which do you prefer?

    • ScottO - 1887 Britain - Victoria 'Withdrawn Type' Sixpence
    • ikaros - 1953 Britain - Elizabeth II Coronation Crown

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Why do they call it "withdrawn type"?


Because the design was withdrawn (i.e. removed/replaced).


Up until 1887 sixpences had generally had a very simple design of 'SIXPENCE' surrounded by a wreath with a crown above (similar to the threepences). In 1887, however, the coinage had a major redesign to marks the Queen's 50th anniversary as monarch. The new sixpence design (as above) was introduced but before the year was out it was clear there was a major problem with the design.


The similar sized gold half sovereign (see below) also had a shield reverse design (albeit somewhat different in appearance) but as the whole coinage had new designs people weren't familiar with them and many sixpences were gilded and passed off as the higher denomination. Obviously the problem was significant enough to ensure quick action and by late 1887 the old wreath reverse was reinstated and remained right through until 1910, long after the half sovereign's change to the St. George and the Dragon design in 1893.


Here's a half sovereign for comparison:



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