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Low Serial Numbers.


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Guest Aidan Work

The lowest number that I have is a New Zealand $1 note that was issued

at the 1990 numismatic convention.It came with a commemorative card carrying a facsimilie signature of the then R.B.N.Z. Governor,Donald Brash.The number is 000009.I bought it off a collector for NZ$40,as he was hard up & needing some cash.



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Coincidently, my friend just won a mix-lot from an auction consisting of around 20 notes. Among the notes is this 1917 Ville de Lille 1 Franc with the very first serial number A1 000001. But we could not find this in the catalogs. Is it a real banknote?



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Before I forget, I previously had 000001 notes from Singapore, India, Philippines, etc.; these are quite common and often appear on eBay. A scarcer one I had was a 1977 Swiss 10F #000001. But since I do not collect low numbers, they were sold quite some time ago.

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