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New here Need help Identifying!


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Going through some of my old things while trying to pack for moving (Never Fun) and found this thing... I dont remember where I got it from or from who... so im completely blind when it comes to finding something out about it. I dont even know if it is real gold or what... The width is no wider than a quarter.











the opposite side had the same as the one above.


Any Help would be nice! thanks!


If I do not get back to this site please Email me at DavidShep88@hotmail.com


Once again thanks!

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On the tip of my brain. I have seen those before, but I think the originals were supposed to be gold. And yours appears plated. Trying to do a search right now, to see if I can spot one.



Found it a Sycee

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Sycee are usually in silver. China, like India, was a country that traditionally used silver as the basis of money, unlike European countries which favored gold after the 1800s.


This piece is a souvenir / fantasy piece. The style is not even close and is practically cartoonish.

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