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2 Victoria Coronation Medals 1838

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BHM# #1862 RRR. Brass 24mm.



Unlisted, almost as struck. Brass 24mm.


The difference between the two heads is just incredible, one being a fine portrait the other just amateurish. I refuse to give you any help in deciding which is which!


The reverses are very similar but the unlisted has 3 rows of jewels on the headband versus 1 row on the RRR.

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Beautiful medals Constanius, and I do have a soft spot for the young Victoria.


The photos almost look like pre and post face lift. The second medal is absolutely gorgeous.

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This thread got me digging for some contemporary images of Queen Victoria.

Her portrait artists clearly posed her to her best advantage facing forward.






Here's my favorite medallic image.




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The young Victoria was quite a lovely lass (from any perspective). The colonial era indian silver rupees are (to my eye) probably her best numismatic portaitures (1840), with perhaps the exception of the portrait on the pattern `Una and the Lion'


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