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China yuan shih kai silver dollar coin with unique die clash error?Help plz

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Hi.I have a piece of China yuan shih kai silver dollar error coin in used condition.Unfortunely,I still not sure if it is a die clash error coin or not because the HUGE ROUND AND STRAIGHT LINES RAISED OVER THE ORIGINAL DIE on reverse side and there is an unusual shade just right below the chinese word "yuan" and the shade is not RAISED on the surface.I have never ever seen anything like this before as a coin collector for so many years and I definely have no idea how did this "errors" appeared especially the LINES OVER THE ORIGINAL DIE.I also believe there is NO COUNTERFEIT COIN TO HAVE SUCH ERRORS LIKE THIS BECAUSE I HAVE SEEN MANY COUNTERFEIT COINS WITHOUT ANY TYPE OF ERROR.So,I need help from the coin experts to tell me this type of errors and explain in detail how did this errors appear on this coin,your help is very much apprieiciated as usual,hope to hear from you very soon.Please see the scans below and tell me what you think.Thanks alot.






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Hi,thank you for letting me know what type of error is this appeared on the reverse side.I believe that this error is a die crack more than a die gouge(Although someone mentioned it on another coin forum) but the round line is just sinked down the surface after the left leaf on top position,the rest is all raised up on the surface,can anyone notice it?I would think this is something very unusual.If anyone knows anything about it,please tell me what happend and explain it in full detail.Thank alot.

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