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FS Rare Italian, Scottish and USA Notes

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Italy 20000 Lire 1975


One that I had to buy two of to have one, this one is ex-Robert Schwartz collection that was lot 7429 in the HR Harmer Auction 2985 in June 2008:




A very rare note, and near impossible to find so nice.


More images:


[L=Front of note]http://scottishmoney.net/stuffforsale/italy20000lire1975photof.jpg[/L]


[L=Reverse of note]http://scottishmoney.net/stuffforsale/italy20000lire1975photor.jpg[/L]


[L=Large sized image]http://scottishmoney.net/stuffforsale/italy20000lire1975.jpg[/L]


And the monster image to show the fantastic detail in this lovely note with Titian and his most notable work of art "Sacred and profane love". This note is very popular because of the depiction of Titian and well, of course the fantastic artwork on the reverse of the note.


This note is free of folds, tears, bends, and has all original embossing - the only nitpicky thing I notice is the trace of an ink rub in the lower right hand quadrant of the obverse of the note under the "Banca d' Italia" seal. I am asking $550 delivered by registered/insured post to USA address, addt to foreign locations. I would consider a partial trade and payment - I really need the 100000 Lire P-108 with Sandro Botticelli's artwork on it in perfect uncirculated.


Royal Bank of Scotland £20 1931




This is one of those classic Scottish banknotes, I collect them of course and had to buy this one in another combined lot to get another rare Union Bank of Scotland note. This note was issued in 1931, and is hand dated, and hand signed - harkening back to a much earlier era in banknote issue. The design of the note dates to the 1880s and was used through the early 1960s. The earlier notes because of the significant sum of money they represented were often turned into the banks for redemption prior to their being a collecting interest in them - so now they are quite rare for larger denominations - this note represented several months wages for the average worker then.


Here is a larger image of the note:


[L=Royal Bank of Scotland 20 Pounds 1931 ]http://scottishmoney.net/stuffforsale/scotland20.jpg[/L]


Notice the plain reverse which curiously was common on all Scottish banknotes above the £1 denomination until the 1960s. Of course this note has the ubiquitous teller stamps and notations on it, notice the St. Andrew's branch stamp. The blank canvas of the reverse must have served as an impromptu notepad during transactions. This note is cataloged at $600 in fine, I am asking $475 delivered by registered/insured post.


And lastly for now...


Central National Bank of Battle Creek $20 Charter 7013 DB 1902-1908




Another one of those acquired with others acquisitions that might find a better option with another collector, this large sized Charter 7013 $20 DB is from Battle Creek, MI and was part of an accumulation of ca. 1862-1923 era notes that had been purchased over the counter by a Grand Rapids Michigan banker over the course of a long career in banking that stretched from the 1930's into the 1970's or so the story goes. I purchased several notes from the Legal Tender era of the Civil War, and several of the Nationals from this collection. This note is FR-642. This note is nice colour wise, but has the upper edge ragged issue. As such an otherwise decent note is made more affordable and obtainable for the budget minded collector of these notes. I am asking $175 delivered registered/insured post for this note.


Please reply via PM for questions, etc and thank you for your interests in these notes.

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