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S.I. Tchizhov (1870-1921).

Note about activity Moscow numismatics of a society for the first 25 years of his existence

Moscow, 1913, 56 p.


Load: http://depositfiles.com/files/d6s6geklg

Name: Tchizhov_S.I._Note_about_activity_Moscow_numismatics_of_a_society_for_the_first_


Size: 12.11 Ìb

Спасибо большое - очень интересно!

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Skorp, this is a very valuable topic and the 14 reference works you've put up are among the backbone of early works on Russian numismatics.


I want to ask you the following


1. Why do you think nobody but you have put up pdf's of other works

2. Are you making any money at it?

3. If not, do you want to volunteer to contribute these pdfs to be put up as links in the literature database lit.accr where they could be clicked for immediate viewing. The pdfs would be stored on the open source database test site at rnsdb.x10.mx/rnsdb and available to everybody with one mouse click


As it is, it's very difficult for collectors to download these. The password system, download time, and need for winzip to open the rar file is an inhibitor. They're duplicate stored on everybody's pc, rather than stored once centrally like the Heidelburg Hess auctions, and even the Heidelburg links get forgotten or misplaced and are not in any context. By having the links in a literature database of auctions and reference works, they can be accessed via a simple scroll browse with a filter for only important works and with one mouse click. Also, besides just the pdf view, there's also much information about the work itself.....date, publishing city, comments about the work, rarity, value at auction, language, xchg rate, etc



I can understand if you think you'd rather not do this, as it was your investment of time to scan these works and you'd like a return, but if you have no further plans, the pdfs of the 14 would be an invaluable source for Russian collectors.



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