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World coin giveaway - Winner named!

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FOUND it! I thought it didn't make it in the mail but luckily it did and was buriedunder a pile of my mail at home. Thanks again and thanks for the cointest!

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got my panama pill at my mailbox today ... i didn't really expect it to be so tiny! very cool, and it raises questions: did people really circulate these? (for those who don't know--this coin really is pill-sized ... smaller than a conventional aspirin).

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ScottO chose the OC Lincoln cent error.


Next decision goes to Burks...Your choice is between the red seal $5 or three BU coins from Nepal (1972 25 paisa, 50 paisa, and rupee) which would seem to be common but can't be found much for some reason.


No photos of either choice, but if you want to wait till this evening I'll get some taken.

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Next pick goes to Dockwalliper.


The coice is between the $5 red seal note or a MS63 or 64 Ike dollar graded by either NGC or PCGS...I know that I've got it, but haven't dug it out to be completely sure on the year, mintmark, grade, or grading service...lol. Kind of a pig-in-a-poke so yo speak.

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