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World coin giveaway - Winner named!

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Post on this thread to win the coins shown below. Winner will be selected randomly from all posters on May 2.


1904R Italy 1 centesimo, brown uncirculated





1965 Congo aluminum 10 francs, unc. with a couple of scratches...maybe caused by a counting wheel?





1901 Great Britain farthing, blackened finish - unc. with some stuff around the lettering on the reverse.



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The contest is closed and a winner has been chosen. :ninja:


Each poster was assigned a number based on their posting order, then an online random numbers generator used to choose one from the group. The number chosen was #11 - SMS.


Congrats SMS...please PM me your address and I'll get the coins in the mail.

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Congratulations SMS!...the coins will be in the mail today.



Now we enter into the second portion of the competition...the round robin giveaway.


I'm going to show the first poster two coins, notes, or other numismatic items...he/she will be able to pick one to keep. The one that the first person did not pick will be offered to the second poster along with a new item...again he gets to choose between the two. This will go on until the last poster of the thread on 5/2/2010 has chosen.


The first poster to be able to make a choice will be Corina - Corina, your choice will be between a mint state US silver certificate or the farthing shown below. When you make your choice please PM me with it and your address. Good luck!




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