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I found two coins in my kitchen!


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Hey all, not a collector (but am now considering)


Was rooting through my mums kitchen drawer today and i found two coins,

Ive looked them up on the web and discovered them to be a King Henry 8th groat and a 1562 Elizabethan Milled sixpence


as i dont really know what this all means I was wondering if someone would explain it to me from an untrained eye they both look in great condition as all the images and details are viewable and doesnt look to scratched up. I cant get a picture because our cameras broken.


If anyone could tell me roughly what they are worth and a bit about the background that would be great :ninja:



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Welcome to the forum! :ninja:


Well, I would need good photographs to properly identify and value them. 'Great condition' is not accurate enough to give a valuation and there are so many varieties of "King Henry 8th groats" and "1562 Elizabethan Milled sixpences" that the price could vary drastically.


Interesting that they were found in a kitchen drawer though, how did your mother come across them?

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However if the 1562 6d looked like the attached its a popular date for pewter copies.





There is a little heart shaped indentation on the top left on the reverse


However, he states that his is a milled issue rather than those common hammered fakes, the fake milled issues of Elizabeth are often laughable. I'm hoping that some photographs will soon appear.

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