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Collecting Animals Banknotes

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Very nice Singapore notes. What denominations are needed to complete the set?


The Expensive one's ... the 50, 100, 500, 1000, 10000. I saw a full set for sale once and just for the "10,000 dollars" (P-17) they were asking 13,000 USD. My wife thought I was nuts just for looking. In reality, I hope just to get at least the 50 and the 100. Maybe next year or maybe the year after, but I will find get them some day.

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Does anyone have the rest of these, they seem to be getting hard to find?


Somewhat difficult (though not expensive) as they weren't really saved during the change-over. The low demand led many a dealer to simply spend them rather than save. The $2 by far is the most readily available note of the series. The $5 and $10 are still found in circulation once in a blue moon.

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What Animal do you think strikes the best portrait on a banknote? Like Madison's Congo lion?

There are several that I think are portrayed rather well, such as horses and elephants, and some that I just like to see that aren't depicted too often, such as crocodiles. But I have to agree with you that the lion is probably the best pose so far. This is probably die to it's proliferation on banknotes due to it's link with the ruling class. They are not only wild animals, but on the crests, emblems, etc. of many countries. Some of my favorites that I have include:





French West Africa







There are many more that have lions on them, but these are some of my favorites in my collection. There are many different types of stylized lions out there as well, and some of those are also quite striking.

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Ah, yes eagles. Of course those - but I suppose I'm too familiar with them to make it an obvious choice. Kinda like living in a resort town and wanting to get away from it all - Can't see the forest for the trees sort of thing.


My all time favorite eagle is the 1918 $1 FRBN



Followed by the Black Eagle 1899 $1 Silver Certificate




But the earliest American Eagle I have come across is actually on a Colonial Note from New York back in 1776 - He's looking a little like a pigeon, but it's really supposed to be an eagle.





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Speaking of eagles, this is a 10,000 Lei from Romania, year 2000. I think thats an eagle. Not as fancy as the US Black Eagle or 1918 $1 FRBN (which I put on my want list) but it is neat anyway.




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