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Redbook vs. Bluebook Prices


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OK, the Redbook gives retail price averages. The Bluebook gives wholesale price averages. When/if you do sell your collection, isn't it logical that dealers will use the Bluebook price to buy your coins? I'll bet most of us use the Redbook to "value" our coins...which will give us an inflated price when we wish to sell. What is the collective wisdom on this topic? Thanks :ninja:

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Coin Prices or Trends or the CDN has much more up-to-date prices than either the RedBook or Bluebook. I also use ebay as a fair indicator of what's being sold in the last 30 days. You can feel pretty good about selling something for approx. ebay sales amounts. If you're not going through the listing and sales fees than 15% ~ lower than the ebay sales price is pretty good.


Tough to do for a lot of coins.

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