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Pablo - Spirit of American Adventure

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I've mentioned before that I had a paper I was doing about Pablo the Buffalo who appears on the Series 1901 $10 USN.




I've completed the paper and have posted it in the Security Engraver's Vignettes group for which I wrote it. Below is the link to the pdf. Hope that you enjoy it.


Pablo - Spirit of American Adventure

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Pablo appeared lastly on the series 692 $1 as Art noted:




For me though the main attraction of the $10 from 1901 is the reverse of the note:




The one thing you have to appreciate with these late 19th and early 20 century notes is that they represented the apex of American banknote artistry - so much so that we love their designs long after they were rendered obsolescent.

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Here's the back of the note that holds the vignette that Saor has extracted for us. It is indeed a beautiful vignette from a beautiful note.


image from ANA Virtual Museum - Beebe Collection

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I haven't been able to find the name of the engraver for this image of Columbia but I did find a Souvenir Card with the back of the 10 dollar note and some additional info. I don't have the card so I borrowed the image from KenBarr Numismatics Inc. (He sells lots of Souvenir Cards and has a great reference site.)



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