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Martha Washington $1 1886 Note


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Fr. 217 $1 1886 Grade: PCGS VF 35 PPQ

This note was originally sold for $650 at Lyn Knight auction on

March 19, 2010



See the magical transformation!






On April 12, 2010, the same note (look at the serial number) appears on ebay as a High Grade note. eBay auction ends tonight. Current bid $960.00


Beware of unscrupulous sellers! This note apparently had been doctored, passing as higher grade.

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Heritage has a much better system for tracking stuff you bought from them, unfortunately I am ta cheap to pay for the subscription service from LKCA to find out about old stuff. And caveat emptor on fleaBay, unless you are buying newer stuff, anything old is automatically suspect of some malfeasance these days.

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