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Error notes- what literature may i find


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I've starded gathering information about the error notes. As purely theoretical problems and then, about notes themself.

But it is hard to find something ok. I mean, the net is decent in information about this type of notes, but books or articles published in numisatic magazines are still hard for me to find.

Does anyone know more about this subject then me?

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Siluska, I can't think of anything off the top of my head. If you have access to a coin dealer or convention, that's a good place to search. Good luck! let us know what you find!

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I don't have this book, but I'm hopeful it is good and will probably get one at some point.




Message from Leila Benoun (lbenoun@zyruspress.com)


Subject: Press Release: Numismatics Has Reached Broader Horizons!

Media Contact: Jessica Mullenfeld


Telephone: (888) 622-7823

Email: jmullenfeld@zyruspress.com





Numismatics Has Reached Broader Horizons!



NEWPORT BEACH (27 January 2010) — Enter an enthralling area of numismatics with this groundbreaking book, World Paper Money Errors. A first of its kind, this full color reference guide offers market prices for foreign printing errors, rather than limiting the numismatic community to domestic currency. This book offers an eye-appealing price guide to the market for the growing interest in collecting international currency.


Delving into the new and upcoming hobby of collecting foreign currency errors, this book features over 200 examples of unique notes. World Paper Money Errors is an all-inclusive guide to learning about errors that occur during the printing process which create unusual and intriguing errors. Author Morland Fischer’s keen and clear explanations make distinguishing each error engaging and compelling.


-Comprehensive collection featuring rare notes from over 70 countries.

-Provides descriptions and examples for 19 types of errors.

-Insightful comparison between domestic and foreign currency.

-Explanation of valuing notes using an innovative Foreign Error Note (FEN) Scale.

-Market price for each featured error note.


Exposing hundreds of dramatic, colorful and intriguing foreign paper money errors, collectors and spectators alike will be exposed to a new form of collecting currency. World Paper Money Errors is a pioneer in the modern age of numismatics.



Please call if you wish to request additional information.

Contact: Jessica Mullenfeld, Zyrus Press, at www.zyruspress.com.

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