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Micronation currencies


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I'm not sure if this topic belongs here or in exonumia, but since the coins are "technically" currency, I suppose I'll put it here.


I've recently done some reading on various "micronations," extremely small countries that are not officially recognized as sovereign nations and have very few citizens. They are usually founded as a joke or as a form of protest by an eccentric individual or group. For the Family Guy fans among you, Petoria is a perfect example. What surprised me is that several of these "nations" actually issue coinage.




Most of them are jokes (the Molossian Valora is worth 1/3 of a tube of cookie dough) or bullion rounds, but some can actually be used as currencies in the respective micronations.


So, out of simple curiosity, do any of you actually own any of these "coins" in your collections? Have you ever even seen one in person?

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