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Entry Rules

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General Points


* You may enter coins in as many of the groups as you wish.

* You may enter a maximum of three (3) coins in each group.



How to set out the description for your coin


* A heading before each coin image url should in the following format:

Your Id - The Group - Date [or approximate if applicable] - Country /Amount /Denomination

eg. Sylvester - Group M - 1910 - Ceylon 5 Cents



Providing links to images of your coin


* Images of the coins must be in omnicoin --- reasons for this have been discussed on a number of occasions. Post only the url of the image -- not an img post

e.g. http://www.omnicoin.com/coins/972703.jpg


[To get this you have to first upload your coin onto omnicoin. Once this is done you go to the 'large view' of your uploaded coin [see here], once there right click on the image or your coin, go to properties, on the next window that comes up you will see Address URL; this is the address you need).


* You may [if you wish] include a brief description of the coin/item that you would like included along with the image in the competition. Here's your chance to bring the historic importance to the forefront.



Example of how a submission should look


Sylvester - Group G - 1992 - UK Ten Pence





Thanks and good luck.

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Here are the groups


A - Ancient/Hammered (Celtic, Roman, English, Scots, Irish) [16 entry spaces]

B - Early Milled (English, Scots, Irish 1662-1815) [16 entry spaces]

C - Early Milled Tokens (17th/18th/19th century) [8 entry spaces]

D - Late Milled Gold (British Mainland 1816-1968) [8 entry spaces]

E - Late Milled Silver (British Mainland 1816-1967) [16 entry spaces]

F - Late Milled Base Metals (British Mainland 1816-1967) [16 entry spaces]

G - Decimal (British Mainland 1968+) [8 entry spaces]

H - Channel Islands [16 entry spaces]

I - Canada [16 entry spaces]

J - Australia/New Zealand (predecimal/decimal) [16 entry spaces]

K - India/Pakistan [16 entry spaces]

L - South Africa [16 entry spaces]

M - Asian Islands [16 entry spaces]

N - African Colonies [16 entry spaces]

O - American Colonies [8 entry spaces]

P - Other islands [16 entry spaces]

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