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The 500 Ruble 1991 Soviet Banknote


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I have noticed a trend over time that appears both in auctions and catalogs:


The 500 Ruble 1991 banknote from the former Soviet Union is much more uncommon than any of the other Soviet banknotes. It goes for almost 5-8x the price of a 1992 500 Ruble. Why?? Anyone have an idea? I haven't been able to see any printing figures, so for now my guess is that 1991 saw a lot less notes printed. But has anyone else seen this?


And what would be a fair price for a 1991 500 Ruble in VF condition, if anyone has gotten one?

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I saw one going on fleaoftheBay recently and wondered myself why the price was "out there". I am pretty sure they were not actually released into circulation in 1991 though, I remember then the highest denomination was 100 ruble which only was released during summer - when I got some and spent them was first time people had seen 100 ruble note in a while. Things got confusing in 1992, then larger denominations came out, still with SSSR emblems, but then later on the Bank of Russia notes came out and they had different designs and were smaller - so then money got really confusing and it became better to just use dollars that were by then familiar to everybody.

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