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Question: Weird Country Notes


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My question is, who is behind the production of those 'very same' and 'fantasy' notes ?

i dont mean the dealers on ebay, but really the main producers


the same happens with coins with a few more countries (Cabinda, Easter Islands,Galapagos etc) similar shapes, similar metals, similar denomination

(coins or notes not used in real life)



is it an hoax for the new business of the 3d millennium, or there is something solid behind ? = Growing Collectors=More$$$


(i know that some dealer may defend the authenticity of such rubbish papers - business is business, market is market, if people buys rubbish, rubbish gets real -, but still i am not convinced)



ps: some years ago a company togheter with the Italian State Mint created coins fulfilled of diamonds and gold(if i am not wrong) saying to the buyiers that would grow its value incredibile in time, saying this behind the ITALIAN MINT 'certification', within a few years who bought that and went to gold shops has been told always the same thing ' this coin-medal' is worth 1/3rd of what you have paid and has no market value, there is no growing

(i wouldnt be surprised if someone buying a 100$ of Kerguelens - one example - spending more than 100 real US $ discovers in 10 years that he paid a lot for a piece of plastic promoted to be real currency from a real country issued by that country -no way-)





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to go back to the Antarctica notes



- There is no real government ( piece of land with many representations, mostly scientists or business activities )

- no natives of Anctartica

- notes not in any kind of circulation and not even enlisted in the world currency market

- possibly who had the idea is an US (or UK or German or French) citizen, sitting, eating, and living his whole life in America or Europe


can all this be considered as notes-currency ? or better, a nice business that has nothing to do with Anctartica ?

(i myself may go to the printing companies, pick an empty island in the pacific, a very small and empty one, order 5.000 notes worth 5000 us$ and sell them on ebay or dealers for 500.000$ total)



is this real banknotes collecting, or something 'grey' not black, not white ?



someone may answer me ' but who wants to collect that is free to do it '


i DO agree


but nowere i can read 'watch out you are not bidding, trashing your money, for real currency, just possibly plastic issued by people with nothing to do with that country you pretend to collect.

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I don't know any specifics about those notes, other that I could speculate as well.


But I would comment that many, many collectors are buying notes that hove not current "currency" value, from countries who's banks would not redeem the currency for a single nickle at this point in time. Virtually my entire collection would not be redeemable, for example. Those collections, like a collection of Antarctica notes, have only numismatic value based on the demand of collectors around the world.



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These notes are issued by a company in Seatlle, WA called the Antarctica Overseas Exchange Office. Their website can be found here: Link


They have a redemption period in which they can be redeemed, but they are not legal tender. Rather they are a type of novelty that is sold, which they apparently use for funding projects in Antactica. THe link should be able to tell you all you could possibly want to know.

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