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Last weeks Coin Roll Hunting finds.


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Ok Here are a few of the finds from the last 3 boxes (7500 Coins) of Canada Cents I searched. Let me know what you think. I know some are MD but I still think they are cool. I will post a few of the pics here and post a link to the album on photobucket. Enjoy.


1970 Canada Cent with major Doubling of Front of bust features: Crown, Hair, Forehead, Lower Eye Lid, Nose, Upper Lip and Chin. The second pic shows the doubling of the neck and gown.






One of two of the 1964 Extra Spines:




1964 Doubled Leaf Stem Tip:




1968 Doubled Leaf Stem:




1979 Double Eye???:




There are some more pictures of different finds as well as the ones here on My photobucket album. Follow this link. http://s410.photobucket.com/albums/pp190/m...20Cent%20Finds/


Thank you for looking and looking forward to your comments and opinions.



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I love the doubled face! Nice catch!


Thank you,


I found around 15 or so coins with doubled features of the bust...either the front or back of the bust. The one pictured is the most pronounced of them all. I really think that I hit some rolls of coins that someone had cashed in from a collection. I have never found that many keepers at one time. Granted...I had 7500 coins sorted by decade to search but, I have searched over 35,000 cents over the winter and never found coins like I did from last 3 boxes.


I had around 200 keepers and took over 60 pictures of different coins. I only posted some of what I found. Hard to take decent pics through a 45X loupe. I will try my scanner tonight on a few of the coins and see if I can get better pics. My scanner is around 9 years old...I hope it can handle scanning coins.



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