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3rd Reich coins


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Bear with me. I am new to collecting reich coins. I am trying to accumulate a set of silver luther commemoratives, both 2 mark and 5 mark, and have been scanning sites like ebay, luckylukeonline, and MA shops. There seems to be HUGE gaps in pricing site to site. i.e - At MA shops, a 5 mark Luther coin (A) is going for 190,00 EURO, while the same coin, but in slightly better condition, is going for 89,00 EURO, just 2 listings down the page. Lucky luke has them going for around 120.00 USD. And ebay I've seen them go from anywhere between 60.00USD and 300.00 USD.

Can anyone give some in-sight, into realistic values? Is the European market for these coins different than the US or elsewhere, allowing them to run them cheaper? I have heard there are no fakes from the 3rd Reich, but should I be worried about about buying from some of these European sellers at MA shops?

Anyways, thanks for your time, I've learned quite a bit from reading the discussions at this site, and I will try to post some highlights from my collection soon.


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