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Cornwallis token 1771

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As i stated in a previous topic, just recent started to collect exonumia.

And it seams that my interest will go for the 18-19th century pieces, and i must say with a particular crush on the British tokens and medals.

But i am only a beginner in this domain so please help me with two informations.

First, i bought this coin bearing in mind that Cornwallis was the general-in comand of the British Army during the Independence War and i thought that it's related to him. But fail to find more about this coin.

Is it minted by Cornwallis, or for him? or has nothing to do with it? WHere and whem was it used?

A more general information regards the books that i might used for british tokens. I searched the net but the found lots of links, a few books, but i do not have the experience in sorthing them.

So any information is welcomed and i thank you for it.

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It is an evasive or evasion token, Cobwright & Atkins are the references for these. Here some good links http://www.abccoinsandtokens.com/Evasions.html




Not produced or made for him, just an evasion token.

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