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Verdun medal for valor

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It is not particularly rare, but its interesting nonetheless. A medal issued by the city of Verdun to the soldiers, French and American, who fought in the extensive, bloody World War I battle for Verdun. Millions of shells were exchanged by both sides, 250,000 dead, 500,000 wounded. Verdun exemplifies the excesses of war. Struck by the Paris Mint.




Sculpted by S.E. Vernier, Paris, 1917.


The obverse states, You Shall Not Pass. The reverse shows the city gates of Verdun.

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This is an interesting medal. It comes in large size nonportable like yours and also in a smaller size with loop so that it could be worn on a ribbon. A lot of American troops brought the medal back which is interesting because the battle was fought in 1916 and the Americans didn't declare war until April of 1917. I am not sure what the criteria for eligibility was but I expect that anyone who was stationed any where near Verdun during 1917-18 could buy one. The French had several other medals that are some times found with American groups. Those are also private purchase pieces for battles that Americans didn't fight in.

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