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Ike Error

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Hi, welcome to Coinpeople. If you could post a picture of the coin, that'd be most helpful. But in the meantime, I'm assuming that a mint worker cleaning the die that struck your coin got too enthusiastic about his or her job and polished the L right off the face of it!

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Basically, the die (the mold used for stamping the coin), had something, possibly grease, in the area where the L was. Therefore, coins struck from it had a weaker image of the letter "L".

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Very nice Ike!


Struck through grease filled dies are a fairly common error. The grease filled die is the most common of the struck through errors, but may at times command a premium if it is "interesting" enough to collectors.


You may want to spend a bit of time on CONECA's site learning a bit more about errors. Their error glossary can be found here. It would be a good thing to take some time and read through it to learn a bit more about the various types of errors you may encounter.

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