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Does anybody know anything about these nice country coin set cards?

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Hey fellow world coin collectors,


I recently acquired 6 very nice coin cards. They are not the common (rather plain) Coin Sets of All Nations cards. They are larger (10" x 13"), have the 5-8 coins arranged vertically on one side of the card, and have a large color photo of an interesting tourist attraction on one side (along with a detailed country description) and map and "Coinage History" on the other side. There is no indication on them of who produces them or a copyright or anything else that I can use to find out more about them. The (type set) coins are as recent as 2004, so they obviously were produced relatively recently. I have Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Hungary, United Kingdom, and Iceland, but I suspect there are far more than what I currently have. Does anybody have any of these or know anything more about them? I can provide a photo or two if necessary, but I suspect this is something that you will either know (or more likely) not know.


Hoping the right collector reads this,



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I just received some additional information about these sets:


the first page of the album says: Coins From Around the World Volume 1 of 2. A collection of complete uncirculated coin sets from various countries spanning six continents. Postal Commemorative Society.


I have contacted PCS and am hoping that they can tell me more about them. I will share whatever I might find out from them.



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Well, it took two emails and three phone calls, but I finally received the information that I was looking for about these set cards.


They are indeed sold by the Postal Commemorative Society. There are 50 countries represented in the collection. There are 50 panels in a complete collection. It is called Coins From Around The World. The countries included are (sorry about the two column formatting)


Argentina Jamaica

Australia Kenya

Austria Luxembourg

Bangladesh Malaysia

Belgium Nepal

Bolivia Netherlands

Brazil New Zealand

Bulgaria Nicaragua

Canada Norway

Chile Peru

China Philippines

Czech Republic Portugal

East Caribbean States Russia

Fiji Singapore

Finland Slovakia

France South Korea

Germany Spain

Greece Sweden

Guatemala Switzerland

Hungary The Gambia

Iceland Turkey

India Uganda

Ireland Ukraine

Israel United Kingdom

Italy Zimbabwe


The cost-per-panel is $34.90 + $3.00 shipping and service. I don't think that I would ever pay this price (regardless of how nice I think the cards are). I suspect that this is not the type of thing that most "serious" collectors would buy (hence my difficulty getting information about them from this forum!)



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