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Best online banknote gallery??


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Those are good site,


I also like Ron Wise's site http://www.banknoteworld.com/


and the wiki at Compass Collectables http://compasscollectables.com/wiki/doku.p...ank_notes:index


and for Canada check out http://www.cdnpapermoney.com/


For French and French like try http://www.frenchbanknotes.com/


and Russia http://www.nensberg.narod.ru/russia/zarist/page03e.html (i saw some warnings not to buy not sure if real)


And then there is Tom Chao's http://www.tomchao.com/


Will's Online World Paper Money Gallery http://www.currencymuseum.net/




and a good site with great articles http://www.thecurrencycollector.com/

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I concur about Heritage, first its content for world notes is pitiably small, second it is not very well organized, but then it is an auction site. For the US notes, my favorite is the Bebee collection housed at the ANA site




I do not have a favorite world collection site (which is an unfortunate term BTW just like World Music). I do like Ron Wise's site for its coverage, it is very hard for any other site to come close to that. But the following comes very close, and I like it quite a bit



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I think one of the best forums on banknotes and –if not the best- galleries of banknotes you can find here:



But unfortunately there will be two problems for most of you:

1) the forum is 100% in German

2) not every member will be able to see the gallery. As a member you must be rather active. You can see the gallery only after a minumum (of how many I do not remember) of activities…


Right now the gallery has 61.381 scans. They also try to give all prices theys find on ebay etc. as well as in normal (non-internet) auctions. There are currently 124.013 prices given. And these numbers grow very fast…



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