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1967 Rabbit Nickle Obverse Doubling


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I was looking through some of my Rabbit Nickles and I found this one. Would this be a case of extreme die fatigue doubling? Around the lettering "D G REGINA" The doubling is more pronounced then on the lettering "ELIZABETH II". There is also doubling of the facial features and neck line. Doubling is present on the eye, eye lid, nose, lips, chin and neck as well as the crown. Basically all the outlining features of the obverse are doubled. The reverse shows no sign of doubling. I hope the pictures are up to par.






D G REGINA Doubling (Shows the D G R. Could not fit it all in Microscope view):




ELIZABETH Doubling (Again...small field of view on microscope. Not as pronounced as on the D G Regina side)




Facial Features Doubling:




Is it possible that the facial doubling is just that, doubling and not die fatigue doubling.


I have very limited knowledge in this area (extreme green novice :ninja:) and would appreciate opinions from more knowledgeable members.


Thank you in advance.


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