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Hungarian silver dinar indentification


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Check it against this one. If not try this link Toward the bottom some pretty close ones.


I've done some research and this is a preliminary conclusion:


Medieval Silver Madonna & Child Silver Denar

Minted between the late 15th the early 17th centuries, during the early European Renaissance, this genuine silver denar coin circulated in the Kingdom of Hungary. A centuries old silver relic, it was hand made by Magyar craftsmen under the authority of one of several reigning monarchs and used as currency at the time. The coin commemorates the birth of Christ. One side shows the Royal Coat of Arms while the other features the image of the Madonna holding baby Jesus. Only a small quantity of these rare and wonderful coins survived the ages outside of private collections. It is one of the most revered coins from the period.


* Revered coin showing image of Madonna holding baby Jesus

* Silver coin over 400 years old

* Issued in Hungary where Madonna is the Patron Saint

* Issued to show piety, or combination of faith and defiance against the Ottoman Turks

* Known as Maddonnenmunzen


I have bought this coin through eBay for 8$



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