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Lincoln Cent D/D and Cuds???

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Found a couple of things I would like to have some opinions on. You can not beat the lessons I'm learning on this forum. Thank you to all for the knowledge and help with my questions.


First coin (Lincoln cent) I think has 2 different "Cud" marks. At least I think that is what I remember reading somewhere...just cant find that article again. Found this coin in a box of Pennies I searched today. I have a picture of each cud. Let me know what you think.


The First cud is on the left of the E in United:



The Second cud is a dot next to the C in Cent:



The second coin (Lincoln cent) I believe is a Mint Mark over a Mint Mark. Let me know what you think.


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Hi, cladhunter. You're right about the first coin on both counts. I'm not sure about the second one. From what I understand, the mint stopped punching mintmarks on working dies in the 50s (someone correct me if I'm wrong). So, starting in the 60's, you shouldn't be able to find a repunched mintmark. Therefore, the 1994 coin is probably also a cud.

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Did a search on "double die cent 1994" just for chuckles and grins. This is not about the second coin, but I thought interesting.


Some Philadelphia cents may have been minted by using dies which the "D" or "S" had been removed from the die or hub. For more info go here.


BTW the only double die for 1994 D listed at coppercoins is a 1994D-1DR-001 wavy step die. But they say it was determined that it was a design anomaly, not double.


Also a new link at least for me from Coppercoins is Traildies

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My knowledge base on errors and varieties is not as large as some who could answer to these but here is what I've learned:

the "cuds" you speak of are probaly what is referred to as a die chip a cud extends from the collar (rim) inward. Or it may just be a bubble formed from corroded zinc (can't tell from the pic). The 94 would be corrosion as my understanding is that 1990 onwards the mint mark was not hand punched but included on the die so it would be impossible to be punched twice. Hope this helps.

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