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New Member asking.."What the heck did I find??

Mister Ed

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Hello everyone....a new member here and out of a sense of desperation I'm hoping to find an expert to help me out. I found a coin which is approximately the size of a nickel. It clearly has written in a straight line across the bottom of the coin "2 CENTS" Above this wording is a very worn shape that to me looks like a lion with its head turned toward the rear portion of its body.


The other side appears to have a crown at the top with a ribbon desending from both sides around a center logo. The center logo is quite worn but has the appearance of a large "C".


I'm preparing a drawing of the coin and would certainly love to share it with anyone who might have some leads. The leading contenders for what this coin are a confederate coin or a colonial coin. I have checked all the coin books I own with zero success. It's the very clear "2 CENTS" that has be guessing its American vice British origin.


On a side note, in the immediate area I found this coin my wife found a large cent but due to its poor condition - I think it was from the 1816 - 1839 period (can't remember for sure).


Feel free to e-mail me for my drawing of the coin but no comments about my lack of drawing skills! e-mail is: ed@goodrow.us


Many thanks to all!


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