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OMG S.Korea 1982 Proof Coin set


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Rarely offered up on auction, link this coin set is almost unbelievably rare to find, if not almost near impossible even in major Korean auctions. Forget the Euro sets, this is much harder to find.


Why the insane price over such "circulating" proof coins? Firstly, you must remember that S.Korea at that time really didn't care much about numisatic items, and this is unfortunately the first and the very last of such proof circulating coin set. Yes, no other proof circulating coin sets were minted ever after that. What is worse is that the mintage is said to be ONLY 2000, making that to be one of the rarest proof circulating coin set to exist that I know of, or probably the most expensive.


Back to the point again, I must remind you strongly that S.Korea honestly didn't care much about numisatic items, so supposely if you got a nice commemorative 1988 coin set because of the Seoul Olympics, look at the years of the coins carefully: you most probably don't get a nice set of years, but more likely to get different years. Why? Who knows why, but my best guess is that the mint workers just grab whatever is leftover in the mint production line and pack them up in coin sets. Hence the siginifiance of having coins minted in the same year will prove to be very difficult in UNC conditions.


Other than that, the next rarest circulating Korean coin would be the 1998 500 won coin. (If I am NOT wrong...) For some absurb reasons, only 5000(?) of them were minted and none of them originally exist in Korea as they were sent overseas as some kind of mint production test products.


Hope you enjoyed reading... :ninja:

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I do love it when countries take that approach.



Back in the 1800s more countries took that approach making coins rarer and less hyped than they are now. This is good, i like rarities.


But i wouldn't pay $2000+ for coins produced virtually yesterday.

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I'm expecting it to rise insane soon or later though. I mean, S.Korea is a country with poplulation 48million (ref: CIA worldfact book). 2000 out of that million wouldn't just cut it.


A proof 1892 5 yang coin has already exceeded everyone's wildest dream when an auction held in Seoul auctioned it off last year at more than 15grand USD.


Oh well, we just don't get to live that long do we? :ninja:;)

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