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Georgian Banknote - Translation?


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I received a Gerogian banknote from a friend some months ago, and I've been wondering about the pictures on it.

I could read that the man on the obverse side where akaki wereteli (Ak'ak'i Ts'ereteli (1840-1915). This man where a poet of some kind.


Anywho, on the reverse side is a pic of a lady who is knitting, and below the picture is a text: d. kakabaZe (David K'ak'abadze). This man is obviously the painter. The text that follows is: imereTi - dedaCemi (Imert'i - Dedachemi). I've learned the the painting is called "My Mother". I've also learned that 'mother' in Georgian is "deda", so, 'dedawemi' means probably "My Mother". But what does 'imereTi' means? :ninja:

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