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ebay auctions- some scarce vintage European banknotes


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this are my auction on ebay, ending 23 march. All of them- low start of only 0,99 $

WW1-WW2 era banknotes, from Germany, Russia, Italy, Austria, Hungary., including:

-Austria-Hungary 25 korona 1918

-Austria 20 schilling 1944

-Czechoslovakia 5 korun 1944 -soviet issue

-Germany- Military payment certificate 5 rpf. 1942

-Germany- MIlitary payment certificate 1 rm. 1942

-Hungary 5 korona 1919

-Hungary 8 filler 1925

-Hungary 10 pengo 1936(1944) star note

-Italy 100 lira 1943A

-Poland 50 zl. 1940, german occupation

-Poland 20 zl. 1948

-Russia- Soviet Union 5 roubles 1938

-Yugoslavia 100 dinar 1946 error "double A"







IF A COINPEOPLE MEMBER WILL WIN, he will receive a FREE BONUS, a Romanian note from 1940's. just write "coinpeople- your id" on the paypal payment, as a message.

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