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Medalet of George III., 1820; Unifaced, and Signed T.WYON.

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This trial piece(hot tin?) is signed T.Wyon on the truncation, uniformed bust left, hair in queue and the medal minus the flange is 27mm. The reverse is in counter-relief, though it appears to be in relief in the picture. It would appear to be a memorial medal for George III 1820. No medal in BHM matches it but Forrer mentions:-Memorial Medalet of George III., 1820; unifaced, and signed T.WYON this forms the front of a gold locket, the back of which is engraved with the crown and the Royal monogram with inscription below 'Obt 29th Jan. 1820 Act 81.


I think it is possible that this trial piece could be for that gold locket. The flange has glue or varnish residue so this actual piece could have been placed in a mount or frame. I have sought an opinion from the British Museum.

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Interesting item, and more so given the signature. If you don't mind me asking how (and where) did you come across this one. Your foraging skills appear to be exemplary! :ninja:



Hi Ian, it is always nice to hear from you, glad you found it interesting.


Where? It came from an obscure place, which I doubt very much that you will have heard of....Ebay!


How? By spending way too much time trawling/foraging for obscure exonumia on there, mind I make time to go to junk & antique shops & attend coin shows as well.

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I think this has to go into my fakes & curios collection, see the reply from the British Museum:-


"This is an odd thing. It looks to me to be based on an anonymous 1820 medal like Brown 1005, to which it is virtually identical. Someone has then reengraved the truncation, and thereby cut off most of the decoration worn on the chest in a most unsatisfactory manner, and subsequently added the signature. The uneven lettering looks most un-Wyonlike!"



Mind, I think it must be quite rare :ninja:

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