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Could someone identify this coin?


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Found this lumped in with a bunch of other coins, I'm not even sure what country its from, but I think its from Southeast Asia. My Grandad served in India during WWII.






The quarter is a size reference.


Any info would be greatly appreciated!



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Dear Collector,

This is popularly known as "Rama Tanka coins". The image shows the mythical marriage of Rama and Sita with the monkey god of India hanuman bowing down. This is supposed to have been minted by Temples of India as souvenirs to give to devotees and new visitors about 300 years back.. There was a great craze about 3 years back and this brass token sold for as much as Rs 3000(about US$68). But the prevailing price is Rs 300 to Rs 600( $7 to $14) now. Modern counterfeits are also common.

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on right side you have USA 25 cents, i do not think it is silver


Cheeky New Yorker! :ninja:


It looks like George Washington is out in the cold and can see his breath...


(Back on topic)


Cool temple token!

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