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2010 €10

Sir Sisu

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Designer: Juha Kauko

Ag 925, 38.6mm, 25.5g

Mintage BU 6,000 - PROOF 20,000


Obverse: Gateway Arch of St Louis

Reverse: Tulip chair

Edge: Plain


Commemorates the 100th year of architect Eero Saarinen's birth.



This coin is part of the Europa coin series for 2010.

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I have been in the Dulles airport - it stands out even from a distance and it is a unique piece of architecture in the world. At least the airport there has grown and not been a polyglot of different styles of disorganisation like JFK airport - the latter of which is the worst airport in the world in my opinion.


I'd like to say I have seen the St. Louis arch, but unfortunately when I drove through St. Louis was back when I didn't have a lot of spare dosh to spend on $20 parking and $8 admission so we drove near it and then got back on the freeway on our way to our new home.

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