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Name that tune 2 **WE HAVE A WINNER**

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Still playing for a 1 EEK. If past winners want to play just for the sake of playing, please post "PM" and then send me your guess. If the answer is correct before anyone else posts the correct answer I'll see what I can offer as a secondary prize. :ninja:



Hopefully this is a bit more challenging:


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Also, since we all seem to like and know the same music, I suggest you put 5 or 10 clips out at once. Give people a few days to respond. Choose randomly from the best answers.


And choose more Zeppelin!

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PM with two wrong answers



Sorry if I was not too clear about this, but you can post your answers directly on this thread. I only wanted PMs from past winners (at this point only YeOldeCollector) to give others a chance to win. But I don't want to stop Y.O.C. and others from participating if they want.


Anyway, the song has not been guessed correctly yet, so keep em' coming! :ninja: If no one guesses it by tonight (my time) I'll add a second to the length of the clip.

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No, wait, how about ELVIS, Hunk of Burning Love?


(Guessing in the dark here...)




*Ding ding ding!*


Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner! :ninja: The song was indeed Elvis' "Burning Love". PM me with address details and I'll get the coin out to you next week.

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