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GOETZ: K-324 One Thousand Years Rhineland

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K-324 ONE THOUSAND YEARS RHINELAND. 1925, Cast Bronze, 117.1mm, 475.50g. R, Gussfrisch (as cast). From the Gerhard Lang collection.


Inscription on obverse, "One thousand years German and true."


Inscription on reverse. scroll to the left of bell' "I am called the German bell, from the high point you hear my sound." On scroll to right of bell, "Far into German country to the highest Lord's honor and praise." Inscription below bell, "I pray for the day where for the flaming revenge I joyful ring! May the enemies perish! With their blood they must remove the tarnish of shame on the German shield' to remove forever, so that it may shine over all the lands of the world.”

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