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where is 1862 victorion penny signed


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Hello Declan


You would be extremely lucky to find a signature on an 1862 Penny. There are 2 types known as Obverse 2, and Obverse 6.


Obverse 6 accounts for all but a handful, and it's obverse 2 that has the signature L.C.Wyon. It can be found, if the coin is in very high grade, directly below the bottom edge of the bust of Victoria, almost touching the toothed border, but not quite. Magnification is recommended.


Freeman, which is the standard reference for these coins, lists the Obv 2 variety, with the signature as R18, and estimates that between 6 and 15 examples exist.


Hope that helps, and I really ought to point out that there's only one Declan in the coinie world, and that's me!




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Hi declang


Here is a photo of the 1862 penny with signature:



A few years since your post, but maybe you still would like an answer.

Obverse 2 is different from the normal obverse 6, found on almost all 1862 pennies, not only in having the signature below the bottom right of the bust, but also by having the lowest leaf of the top group point to the upper dot of the colon after 'D:G:' On obverse 6 it points clearly above it, as the bust is higher.

The signature on obverse 2 only shows on coins with little or no wear, as the bottom half of these tiny letters was not struck up.

By the way, obverse 3 also occurs for 1862. Also ex. rare. Very similar to obv. 2, but no diagnostic hollow on the bottom centre of the bust.

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