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2006 No P No Logo Penny. Help with grading please.

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Hello. I'm looking to sell this 2006 No P No Logo Magnetic Penny. I pulled it while searching boxes of pennies. I went through 14 boxes...35,000 pennies and found 2 of this coin. This one is the nicer of the 2. I'm looking for opinions on whether I should have it professionally graded or sell it as raw/ungraded with pics. I'm interested to see your opinions. I opened the 2X2 just to take the pics. I took pics of front and back as well with a magnet. I use a soft refrigerator magnet when searching boxes. The magnet will not scratch coins.










Thank you for any advice.


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Trends this is the May11th/24th 2010 Issue, says in Graded MS-60 condition is valued at $150.00 Canadian. In MS-65 0r Ms-66 its 800 to a thousand dollars Canadian.

Is your coin graded ?

I can't see the images you posted , not that I believe I am competent enough to grade your coin.

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