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1 and 5 roubles SPMD 2009 - NEW TYPE


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Hi all,


I have read that there are NEW type of 2009 SPMD 1 R and 5 R coins - Is there a way to see the difference between the OLD type and the NEW?


is it Visual? or do I have to weigh them in order to see the difference? (in milligrams?)


Can some one help me with that please :ninja: It would be great to see both coins OLD and NEW with the differences.

Another Question: Is there OLD and NEW type of MMD also?




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is it Visual? or do I have to weigh them in order to see the difference? (in milligrams?)


They look absolutely same.

As gxseries has already explained, material (and hence, weight) is different; new coins are magnetic

while "old" were non-magnetic. Weight changed as follows:

1 R: 3.25 g -> 3.00 g

2 R: 5.10 g -> 5.00 g

5 R: 6.45 g -> 6.00 g


This information is from Central Bank of Russia web-site, pictures of all preivous and new circulation and

commemorative are also available there (English version of web-site is available too).

See http://www.cbr.ru/eng/bank-notes_coins/coi...97/rub_5_97.htm


5 R (MMD) magnetic 2009 coins are widely available in circulation already (in Moscow at least); 1R and 2R

(MMD) were also reported but I couldn't find them in circulation yet.

1-2-5R (SPMD) magnetic 2009 are available in recently released bank circulation coins sets; if I'm not mistaking,

they were also found in circulation in St.Petersburg already.


Of year 2010 mintage only 10 kop. (MMD) and 50 kop. (MMD) were discovered so far.

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