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US Coin Mintages


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:ninja: WOW!



Apparently the messages are less than half of what they were in February 2009. Check out these interesting numbers:


- 2010 nickels minted to date: 0

- quarters minted in February: 0

- Presidential $s in February: 0

- Denver dimes in 2010: 0

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Supposedly all of the coins being reintroduced to the system by things like CoinStar and the counting machines at the banks are making it less necessary to produce tons of new stuff.

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I see several interesting things in this June mintage report:


1) dimes are the 2nd most minted coin after the cent for the year

2) more dollars have been produced so far than quarters

3) the 2009 quarter issues look to be comparatively rare. I wish I saw last year's figures. I know they were tiny too.

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They really ramped up nickel and dime production midway thru the year. Looks like the 2010 quarters will be the low mintage item for the year. Explains why I have not seen even one in circulation.



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